In-House Artists & Designers

At The Den, we love arts and all things creativity related. We are proud to represent artists and designers we love and admire, and happy to dedicate our little space to their work.

Sarah Lavoine

Interior architect, product designer, artistic director, author and colorist, Sarah Lavoine stands for a modern lifestyle à la française.
Her rooted Parisian tastes, elegance, discernment, curiosity and
wanderlust are her signature.

Reference in French interior design, she’s now happy to introduce her art de vivre at The Den, in Dubai.


The concept

Ressource offers the widest and most sophisticated range of colours on the market, to which new collections of full colours and paintwork finishes are constantly added.

The technical quality of the product

Ressource offers exclusive professional-quality paints which are ranked in the most exacting category: “tasteful decorative work”. These paints are high-performance, offering superb coverage, ease of application and excellent colour reproducibility. The brand has also designed a range of finishes and technical products (primers, undercoats, varnishes, etc.) that adapt to all types of surfaces to ensure that the original shades remain consistent.

Real color samples and color advice

RESSOURCE provides real colour samples and the experience of its advisors to help the final customer with his choices and offer individual colour advice.

Reproductible shades

The colours you choose can only be reproduced exactly in our finishes and by our colour machines. The Ressource packaging is our guarantee. Apart from the influence of the light, the types of surfaces and the level of sheen of the top-coats, colours depend on one essential factor: the quality of their components: the raw materials, the types of resins and the precise formulations. All of this forms an integral part of the subtlety of the dyes and the way in which they are combined.

Our colour range aims to safeguard the memory of the past, reflect the creativity of the present and remain open to the future by regularly introducing new colours.


Sonia Provost

Sonia Provost has always loved old-fashioned linen. After working 20 years as a fashion stylist, she launched “Bed and Philosophy”, her own bed linen brand entirely dedicated to her beloved fabric.

Her soft cushions, bathrobes, bed linen come in various shapes, forms and colours. Her collection is fun and joyful and we can’t help but sharing her love for her fresh coloured linen.

Florence Bouvier

Florence Bouvier is a poetic cushion designer. She creates items out of ancient linen, giving them new life as they are transformed into poetic cushions and pillows in delicate hues. All her creations are hand made in her studio and are therefore unique pieces.


Caroline Gayral

Caroline has always felt connected to the Moroccan Art de vivre  and been a keen admirer of the local crafstmanship.

As a student, she used to roll up her carpets under the bed of her tiny Parisian apartment, so to fit her latest acquisition brought back from Morocco. Little by little her passion became an expertise and turned into a profession. Her carpet collection is modern, relevant and constantly evolving.